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View and print webpages and/or DOWNLOAD spreadsheet and database compatible single-station weather "Time-Series" information for data periods of your choice (up to 100+ years where available).

Instant Access. 
Weather Source meteorologists have created perhaps the world's most comprehensive weather database by unifying multiple governmental and other weather databases together and applying advanced data quality control and correction methods. The resulting "super database" of weather information contains over 4 Billion rows of high quality weather observations. The Weather Warehouse provides users with direct and immediate access to this database. On the Weather Warehouse users have access to the following weather information:

Hourly Observations

Dew Point
Relative Humidity
Cloud Cover
Precipitation (Rainfall and/or liquid amount of snowfall)
Wind Speed and Direction
Significant weather observations (aka: Present weather observations)
Daily Observations

Minimum Temperature
Maximum Temperature
Mean Temperature
24 Hour Total Precipitation
24 Hour Total Snowfall

Our users come from many different areas of interest. Here is partial list of popular uses for this weather information:

Area of Interest

Typical Use
Legal Research     Support legal cases (slip & fall, accidents, flooding, etc)
Facilities Management Verify snow removal and other weather related invoices
Snow & Ice Management Justify snow removal bills to customers
Landscaping Services Justify lawn mowing, landscaping and grounds maintenance bills
Construction Justify weather related delays
Agriculture Crop planning
Energy Energy use modeling, risk management
Aviation Flight planning
Marketing Maximize marketing resources for weather sensitive products
HVAC Design & Installation Ensure proper design for a given climate
Weather to Sales Sensitivity Studies Understand how weather impact sales of products
Automotive Performance & Emissions Meet government regulations across a range of weather conditions
Insurance Set premiums, justify claims.

Here is a partial list of notable clients from many of these areas:

Abbott Laboratories
AQR Capital
AT&T Labs-Research
Barclays Capital
Beazley Insurance
BP (aka: British Petroleum)
Carnus Systems
DTE Energy
General Mills
Geological Services Inc
International Monetary Fund
Live Nation
Louis Dreyfus

McCormick & Schmick's
Million Dollar Media
MSA Group
New York Times
Pep Boys
Provincial Airlines
Regis Insurance
Retec Group
Simpler Networks, Inc.
Southern Company
Trident Engineering
Van Heusen
Water Wick
Westfield Group
Wright Engineering
YH America, Inc.
Zurich Re

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